I Say Some Feminist Things (and someone thinks they’re cool)

Be forewarned: this is not a post.
This is a quick note to let you know about a different post.
A different blog, in fact.

I have an awesome friend named Amy Green who for some reason (probably that we’re friends and stuff) thinks what I have to say about feminism is worth posting with a lot of other people’s comments on her blog this month. You should go check it out. Articulate, opinionated women (and I) are saying well-reasoned things that may include the following: women, feminism, Disney, God, modesty, men, ninjas. (Okay, not sure about the ninjas, but I’m holding out hope.)


About Elizabeth Syson

While consuming tea and coffee at an alarming rate, I read and write everything I can and pursue my unnatural love of copyediting. My hobbies include learning new instruments and languages, riding horseback, sketching very badly indeed, and periodically recommitting to doing yoga regularly. View all posts by Elizabeth Syson

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